The different type of makeup removers

Quel démaquillant utiliser et comment l'utiliser ?


Today, let’s talk about makeup removers. Because, it’s really nice to apply some makeup on and play with it and have fun with it. But you also need to keep in mind that at some moment, you’ll have to take it out.

There is many ways to do it, my favorite one is a 2 steps procedure. The first step is by using a bi-phase makeup remover for my eyes and then a regular one for the rest of my face.

Bi-phase makeup remover

What is it ?
It’s a makeup remover that as 2 phases : a watery one and an oily one.
This type of makeup remover is used for the eyes most of the time. It helps to take out makeup easily without any eyes irritation.

The oily part of this product is amazing to take out waterproof makeup that is really difficult to remove. The oil help to dissolve the makeup.
For that you have to shake really well your makeup remover bottle and apply a generous quantity on your cotton pad. Then apply it on your eye and wait few second, so the makeup starts to dissolve itself. Then swipe it towards your check (so you avoid to break or pull off any lashes).
Do not rub your eyes like crazy but keep doing it gently. And re-start again till you take out all the mascara that you have on your lashes and if needed, take a clean cotton pad with some bi-phase product on it and start again.

I personally like to use the Eye makeup remover by Nivea.


Regular makeup remover

The second step to take out my makeup (after I took out my eye makeup) is to remove the makeup that I have all around my face like my foundation, blush, contour, lipstick…
For that I’m using a regular makeup remover. For the rest of my face I don’t really need an oily makeup remover and the regular one is doing pretty well the job.

I like to use the 3 in 1 by Diadermine or the Micellar water by Simple.

I just apply a generous quantity of product on a cotton pad and swipe it all around my face and keep doing it till I have a clear cotton pad.
I also like to clean up again the eyes, just to take out any oil that the bi-phase makeup remover left on my eyes. It’s also a good way to check that the eyes are well cleaned.

Oily makeup remover

Concerning the oil makeup remover, available in various forms.
It’s not the method that I prefer, because it take more time and is a bit less convenient than the other one describe above.
But you still need to know this method so you can find the best one for yourself. I’m not an expert in this area but I can still give you some information.

Oil makeup remover are available in liquid form but also in solid forms.

You can use natural and vegetable oils, like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil… that you can find on  Aroma-zone by example.

You can apply it on a cotton pad like for the bi-phase makeup remover, or just use your fingers to dissolve the makeup, till you look like a panda… Yes, yes, a panda. Just try this method and you’ll understand…
Than take out all the oil excess with a tissue or a cotton pad. After that, there is 2 ways to take out the oils. The first way is to use a cotton pad with some hydrolat or some tonic (but I’m not sure that it takes out all the oils) or second way is to wash you face with your regular cleanser.

You can also find liquid makeup oil remover in shops like by example : Perfect Cleansing Oil by ShiseidoDeep Cleansing Oil by DHCSilky cleansing oil camomile by The Body Shop.
Those kind of oils have a special texture, that became some kind of milky texture when you emulsify it with water. It’s the same for the solid makeup remover.

Solid forms of makeup remover are some kind of balm like : Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm by Clinique, Biosource Balm to oil by Biotherm, Sumptuous cleansing butter by The Body Shop.

Which is your favorite way to take out your makeup ?
Let me know in the comment section down below.