Haul Mac Cosmectics (lipsticks and paintpot)

Haul Mac cosmestics : Lipstick , paintpot, cleanse oil, mascara, strobe cream

I’m a huge fan of MAC Cosmetics. I don’t have a lot of their products, I mostly own complexion products like foundation, concealer, bronzer (if you want to know more about it, here is an article about Mac Face and Body foundation, or the comparison of 3 concealers from Mac) and eyeshadows powder and cream like the paintpot So I wanted to add a few new items and try the lipsticks range  (that I didn’t know yet)

So many people talk about them, but does it really worth the price?

Mac cosmestics Haul - Lipstick - paintpot groundwork - Cleanser off oil - mascara - strobe cream


Paintpot by Mac Cosmetics

Paintpot groundwork from Mac Cosmetics

The first article that I had to my basket, is a paintpot which is a cream eyeshadow. I know this type of products and already have 2 of them in my collection (Soft Ochre and Constructivist). I love them, they are really quick and easy to use, they’re perfect when you are on the go. You don’t need any tool, your finger will do the work for you. Just take a small amount of product, put it on your eyelid, blend it and you’re done.
Be careful because it’s so pigmented just take a small amount of product. You have to work quickly because it dries really quickly. Once it’s on, it will not move anymore. You can wear it on his own but also can use it as a base to make more intense your eyeshadows.   

Groundwork paintpot from Mac is amazing, it gives you a bit of depth and a bit of colour on the eyelid. You don’t need any shadow with it, to make your make-up complete. It’s perfect on the eyelid and in the crease for depth. It’s an “all in one” base and eyeshadow.

Mac Lipsticks :

Velvet Teddy vs Patisserie lipsticks by Mac Cosmetics

The MAC Cosmetics lipsticks are really famous. Years ago people only talked about those lipsticks. Now there are so many lipsticks on the market, that it’s difficult to stand out from the mass. 

I know that I’m a hundred years late, I wanted to try them to make my own opinion. The colour selection is amazing and you can also choose the finish that you like the most.
The different finish that you can find are cream, metallic, high-shine, matte, lustre, satin, amplified.
So you can definitely find something that suits you.






Patisserie lipstick lustre by Mac Cosmetics


I picked up 2 lipsticks, the first one is a creamy lipstick that is called Patisserie by Mac. This is a nude one with golden glitters that has a lustrous finish which means that it’s a lightweight lipstick formula with easy glide, sheer-to-medium buildable coverage.
The formula is nourishing and nice to wear but doesn’t last hours on the lips. 









Velvet Teddy lipstick matte by Mac CosmeticsI also wanted to try a matte lipstick I hesitated for a long time between Velvet Teddy and Mehr.

Finally, I choose the Matte lipstick Velvet Teddy. I think that I’m gonna fall for Mehr lipstick for my next Mac cosmetic order.
Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick that has a
 high colour payoff in a no-shine matte finish. It’s easy to apply and feels creamy.









Most of the time, when you order on Mac Cosmetics’ webshop, you get samples to try new products. This time, I choose 3 samples :

  • the strobe cream
  • a mascara upward lash
  • a cleanse off oil

I didn’t try it yet but it’s in my basket that is called: “products to try”

Strobe cream - Mac Cosmetics

Cleanse off oil - Mac CosmeticsMascara upward lash black- Mac Cosmetics