Face and Body foundation by Mac

Face and Body foundation shade N1 by Mac


Mac is a brand that I really like. There is a wide range of amazing professional products from makeup to tools.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Face and Body foundation.
Is this product worth the expensive price?

Cap of the Face and Body foundation by Mac


  1. Face and Body foundation presentation
  2. Colors, pigmentation and coverage
  3. Texture and application
  4. Longevity
  5. Conclusion


1. Face and Body foundation presentation 

The packaging of the Face and Body foundation is not the best one I’ve seen, it’s a plastic bottle. The plastic is not transparent, so you can not see how much product is left in the bottle. I don’t really like that.
I’m also not a huge fan of plastic bottles, but at least if you’re a clumsy person, you don’t have to be scared to break the bottle if it falls down.
So the bottle is not really elegant but at least, it’s convenient.

Face and body foundation is available in 50ml and 120ml.
If you like this product, you should better take the big bottle as the small one cost 31€ and the bigger one 41€.

Face and Body foundation by Mac Studio

2. Colors, pigmentation and coverage

You have a various color choice in this range (like with most of Mac’s product).

The Face and Body foundation is available in 11 shades separate in 3 categories.
The different shades concerning the Face and Body by Mac are the following ones: 

  • 6 C shades from 1 to 6 (C are cool products for warm skin tone, meaning yellow undertone), 
  • 5 N shades from 1 to 5 (N means neutral with no warm or cool undertone)
  • A white shade to clear up the foundations that are too dark for you. Which is an amazing idea, instead of buying 4 foundations for each season of the year.

This product is not the most pigmented ever, the result is sheer and natural. But if you don’t need a lot of coverage this product is amazing. Your skin still shows up with this foundation and you obtain an even complexion.
If you want more coverage, this product is also build-able which is amazing. So you can apply more layers to have a better coverage and obtain the intensity that you like.

3. Texture and application

The first step with the Face and Body foundation is to shake it well before to use it.
The texture is really light, liquid and watery (more liquid than the other foundations that I’m used to).

Swatch of Face and Body foundation by Mac, shade N1

I think that the best way to apply this foundation is by using your fingers.
Generally, I don’t like to apply my foundation with my fingers, but with this one it’s easy, quick and doesn’t show up any ugly marks one your face. The fingers warm also the product so it is more smooth to apply and blends nicely.

As this is a really light and sheer foundation, if you use a brush or a sponge, you will have no coverage at all and so there is not point to apply it.

It’s also the only foundation that I used, that thicken when you work it on the skin. The more you work it, the more it thickens. For me when it gets thicker, you can not move the product anymore so it’s the sign that I work well the product and that it will stay in place all day long.

After applying it, the product is a bit sticky but after a bit it’s getting better.

4. Longevity

The Face and Body foundation feels really light on the skin and you even forget that you wear a foundation.

I like to powder my foundation to avoid any shine on my face. And it last pretty well on the skin, you’ll have an even skin all day long.

I like to use this foundation during summer, because it feels really light, but also because it’s waterproof.
I didn’t try to go to the beach or to the swimming pool with it. But when it’s really hot and you get a bit sweaty on your face because of the sun, this one is amazing. Because it still looks like skin, it doesn’t move around, it doesn’t oxidize and I feel more confident with a lighter foundation that is quite sheer on summer time than with a heavy one that’s going most of the time to oxidize.

For you, I also try something that I never do… I didn’t powder the Face and Body foundation, just to have a look and see how it evolve during the day. And I’m actually really surprised and impressed.
Because when you apply it, it’s really shiny, but when you blend it well and by the time you finish your makeup, your foundation doesn’t look anymore like foundation. It looks like skin. It’s natural, just a bit shiny (as natural skin) where the light hits your skin, in fact, it’s your skin but looking better.
I’m really impressed and glad that I try it without any powder for once, and I will do it again for sure. 

Cap of the Face and body foundation by Mac Studio Cosmetics

5. Conclusion

The Face and Body foundation is my favorite foundation for summer or when I want a natural makeup. The coverage is light and sheer but looks really great. It’s your skin, but better looking as you have an even complexion.
It’s easy and quick to apply with the fingers.
I also like the plastic bottle that makes it easy to travel as you’re not scared to break a glass bottle, even if I regret that the plastic is not really elegant and also not transparent.

For my concern, it’s a great foundation for skin that doesn’t need a lot of coverage or for people looking for a natural finish.

Did you already try the Face and Body foundation? Did you like it?
Which foundation is your go-to for summertime or when you want a makeup with a natural finish?
Let me know in the comment section down below.