Soft matte lip cream by NYX

Review Nyx soft matte lip cream


Nyx soft matte lip cream Istanbul Zurich Cannes

From left to right: Istanbul Zurich Cannes

Did you already hear about the Nyx soft matte lip cream?
Nyx is a brand that I really like, they have nice and great products in their range.

I will introduce you to the soft matte lip cream and talk about the following points:

  1. Presentation of the soft matte lip cream by NYX
  2. Colors and pigmentation
  3. Texture and application
  4. Longevity
  5. Conclusion


1. Presentation of the soft matte lip cream by NYX 

The packaging of the soft matte lip cream is pretty nice and good looking.
It’s a little plastic tube with a black and matte cap that is elegant, but you’ll not be able to keep it really clean as the cap is getting dirty pretty quickly with fingers print, makeup…
One thing that I don’t like with plastic tube that, the tube is not transparent, that the color of the tube doesn’t show up the real color that is really inside it. And you can be surprised if you only focus on the plastic tube color.

Swatches Nyx soft matte lip cream Istanbul Zurich Cannes

From left to right: Istanbul Zurich Cannes

The tip is a foam applicator that makes it easy to apply. It has the perfect size not to big but not too small that make it easy to apply the product.
I really appreciate the size of the tube that is not too big for once, so it’s easy to take it in your handbag.

Nyx soft matte lip cream tip applicator

From left to right: Istanbul Zurich Cannes

Another thing that I really like, is that this product is really affordable and less expensive than other brands.

2. Colors and pigmentation

The Nyx soft matte lip cream is available in 34 shades, so you’re going to find the perfect shades for you.
You’ll find nude shades, bold shades, pink, red, brown, orange, and even blue and an amazing purple for the ones that are more audacious…
There is a color for every single style in this collection.

The product is really pigmented even at the first application. One layer is enough to have a nice coverage and an even color.
I even never try to apply a second or a third coat.

Swatch Nyx soft matte lip cream

From left to right: Istanbul Zurich Cannes

3. Texture and application

The texture of the soft matte lip cream is nice, and really creamy when you apply it. It’s a bit surprising for a matte lip product.
The product looks already matte when you just apply it and is really easy to apply even for beginners.

The lip cream doesn’t dry quickly, so beginners have all the time they need to apply it properly.
But the person that are more used to matte lip cream will not appreciate that it takes so long to dry.
I was patient, I mean really patient and waited that it dry. It needed 45 to 50 minutes until it dries completely.

So there is pros and cons. The lip cream is still comfortable for a long time (as it doesn’t dry) but when it finally dry, the lips start also to feel dry.

But first of all, before to apply this lip cream, you should exfoliate your lips. Otherwise, it will show up any dryness of your lips or even show up the dead skin that you maybe have on your lips.

Nyx soft matte lip cream foam tip applicator

4. Longevity

The soft matte lip cream last really well on the lips (when it’s finally dry).
When it’s dry, you can eat and drink without any problem. The lip cream is transfer proof, as long as you’re not rubbing anything on them and as long as you don’t put any oil on your lips.

The product doesn’t crack on the lips as some other matte lip products do. Even after few hours, you don’t have any crack. The color is fading a bit in the center of the lips but it still looks great anyway.

After using this type of product, you have to nourish and hydrate your lips, to keep them great looking.

5. Conclusion 

Honestly, I don’t know if I like this product or not…

I like the fact that it’s really comfortable for 50 minutes, and I also like the fact that after that, the lip cream becomes transfer proof.
But I don’t like the fact that it feels dry.

Are there some makeup products that you don’t know if you like them or not?
Which are those makeup products? 
Did you try the matte lip cream by Nyx and did you like it?
Let us know in the comment section below.