Radiance Reveal concealer by Bourjois

Radiance reveal concelear Bourjois

Lately, we hear and read so many great things about the Radiance Reveal concealer by Bourjois. Even the makeup’s gurus that are used to expensive concealers like it.

Why do they like it?

Radiance reveal concealer bourjois shade 1 and 2

I was so curious that I wanted to test it out myself to find out if it was as great.
So let’s see the following points:

  1. Presentation of the Radiance Reveal concealer by Bourjois
  2. Colors, pigmentation and coverage
  3. Texture and application
  4. Longevity
  5. Conclusion


1. Presentation of the Radiance Reveal concealer by Bourjois

Bourjois Radiance reveal concelear

This is a drugstore product that is easy to find and that is not expensive.
It also appears that it’s less expensive in the UK than in France or even Belgium…

The packaging itself, is really elegant, with a transparent plastic tube with a silver lid that is really pretty.
I appreciate the transparent tube, that makes it easier to pick up the correct color directly, instead of having to find the label to pick up the correct shade.
Handy, efficient, so far I like it.

The applicator is a foam tip that makes it easy to apply as it provides the perfect concealer’s quantity for the 2 under-eye area.
It’s another positive point for me…

Let’s also talk about the odor that is quite strange.
For me it smells like a cream product, it’s really fresh and I really like it. It’s probably because of the 24 hours hydration.

So for concerning the presentation, it’s pretty impressive, let’s see the other points.

2. Colors, pigmentation and coverage

I regret that there is only 3 shades in this range: Ivory, Beige, Dark Beige.

Why brands always make so few shades? Why do they always forget the darker skins? Those skins aren’t perfect and also need concealers, so why brands are ignoring them?
I’m a bit disappointed concerning the shades available on the market (only 3 shades)

I only have 2 shades (Ivory and Beige) so here are the swatches:

Swatch Radiance reveal concealer Bourjois comparison of shade 1 and 2

Concerning the pigmentation, it’s pretty good, I would say light to medium depending on the quantity of product that you use.

3. Texture and application

Detail of the foam tip of the Bourjois Radiance reveal concealer

The texture is pretty liquidy and creamy at the same times, that makes it really easy to apply with the fingers. It also blends well with fingers or a sponge (I have to admit, I never try to use a brush to apply it). .
The texture is fine and feels light on the skin. You’re even not feeling it all day long.
It also smoothes the under-eye area (I appreciate it) and it looks really great.

The packaging mentioned 24h hydration.
It’s working pretty well, the skin feels comfortable and hydrated all day long. I don’t have this feeling (that I have with other concealers) that my under-eyes is dehydrated, uncomfortable, tight and pull the skin.

The final result is really natural as the texture is light.
So concerning the texture and application, it’s all good… 

4. Longevity

I always powder my concealer, so I can only talk about powdered concealer.

The result all day long is pretty impressive. The concealer lasts all day and doesn’t need any touch up during the day.
It doesn’t show up any lines, the under-eyes still looks fresh at the end of the day.

In short, it’s a top.

5. Conclusion 

As you probably already guess, I just simply love this product so much.
It’s light and doesn’t show up lines in the under-eyes area.
It’s my new favorite concealer.

Let me know in the comment section down below which is your favorite concealer so far?
Does it still look great all day long?