Review : Cold Cream VS TriXera body lotion by Avène

Avene Body Lotion Cold Cream and TriXera

The body lotion from the Cold cream range disappeared from the shops. What a surprise when I discovered that Avène removes this product from their skincare range and replaced the Cold Cream range by the TriXera’s one.
In short, what’s the difference between the Cold cream’s body lotion and the Trixera’s body lotion?

The Cold Cream body lotion is my favorite body lotion ever.  This body moisturizer is part of my “Quick and easy body skincare routine“, it’s amazing to provide great body hydration.

Avène Cold cream sensitive skin

  1. TriXera’s range
  2. Presentation of the Avene body lotions: Cold Cream and TriXera
  3. Texture, application and longevity
  4. Scent 
  5. Conclusion


1. Trixera’s range

The TriXera range contains 3 products:

  1. The cleaner (400ml) that doesn’t contain soap or paraben. Clean nicely and protect sensitive skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, dry skin or really dry skin (kids from 3 years old)
  2. The body lotion (200ml and 400ml) for sensitive and dry skin, to repair and moisturize.
  3.  The body balm (200ml and 400ml) for really dry skin that feels uncomfortable and tight, to nourish and moisturize for 48 hours, doesn’t contain any fragrance.

Avène TriXera body lotion dry and sensitive skin

2. Presentation of the Avene body lotions: Cold Cream and TriXera

Concerning the 400ml size, both products are sold in a pump bottle that is really convenient to apply easily the body lotion on your body. I think that I will never understand with some brand sells body cream in a tube.
I love pump bottles, it’s easy to use, you just have to press to have more product and it doesn’t slide from your hand and doesn’t fall down (like tube packaging).

Despite the pump bottle, the thing that I don’t like concerning this packaging is that you can not see how much body lotion is left in the bottle. So, one day, you have the unpleasant surprise to realize that you don’t have any body lotion left.
Why don’t they add a transparent strip on the side to avoid any inconvenience…?

Also concerning the pump, I think that it delivers a bit too much product to hydrate one arm or half a leg. But the pump is well done and you’re able to take only half a pump if you only need a half pump. I really appreciate that.

3. Texture, application and longevity

The body lotion’s texture is pretty nice for both products. It’s a really light cream, easy to apply and smooth. 
It gets into the skin really quickly, like if the skin drinks all the body lotion that you put on it without leaving a greasy finish on the skin. How wonderful this is.

But I feel a difference between the 2 products.
The cold cream wasn’t sticky at all, and you could wear your clothes just after applying the cream.
But with the TriXera body lotion, when I touch my arm after applying the cream, I feel that it’s a bit sticky. But I realize, that if I wash my hands, the sticky side disappear. How strange it is…
But the light stickiness disappears quickly and you can wear your clothes without waiting too long.
The TriXera body lotion also leaves a protective layer on your skin at the beginning. It’s really strange because you feel this layer when you touch your skin, but it’s not greasy.

For both products, the skin feels really great after applying the body cream and this sensation keeps going all day long.
I have the impression that the TriXera body lotion is a bit more moisturizing and nourishing than the Cold cream (even if the cold cream is amazing).

Avene Cold cream and Trixera Body Lotion

4. Scent

The other difference between the 2 body lotions is also the smell.
Both products smell nice, it’s a light and fresh fragrance that is not strong at all.

The TriXera body lotion’s scent lasts longer on the skin but it’s still really subtle.

Lately, I’m using this lotion each day. I notice that my clothes had a strange smell. I thought it was because of this new jacket that I’m wearing all the time. But I finally notice that the smell came from my body lotion.

The TriXera body lotion smells really great when I’ve just applied it, but my skin turns it into a bad smell on my clothes and skin (probably because of my skin PH). I have the same issue with perfumes’ fragrances.
I never had this issue with the Cold Cream and I’m really disappointed to have to find a new body cream just because of the scents reaction of my skin and this product…

5. Conclusion

This body lotion is really great. It moisturizes well all day long, it’s not sticky, it’s not greasy, it’s light and comfortable, the hydration lasts all day long and has a nice and subtle smell.

For my particular case, I’m really sad that the Cold Cream has been removed from Avène’s range as my skin changes the initial scent of the TriXera body lotion into a bad smell, probably because of my skin’s PH.

Let me know in the comment section down below which is your favorite body cream that is not sticky or greasy?