Review : mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice

Glam And Doll Mascara waterproof by Catrice

The Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice is probably the best mascara that I ever try.
I bought it without any real conviction. It was just to have a try as it’s not an expensive product (less than 5€) and as I didn’t risk too much…

It was about time to introduce you this amazing mascara that I’m using for about a year.

Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice

  1. Presentation of the Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice
  2. What about the colors and pigmentation of the Mascara volume Glam & Doll
  3. Texture and application of the of the Glam & Doll mascara ?
  4. Longevity
  5. Conclusion


1. Presentation of the Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice

First of all, Catrice is a not vegan (unless for the nail polish) but cruelty-free, so it’s a really good point.

Then, the packaging is a blue plastic tube that looks pretty great (moreover when we know the price of this product).
Furthermore, it’s really elegant with nice curves and contains 10ml.

Also, the brush is really fine and made with silicon’s bristles. The bristles are really short, but it’s really precise.

Mascara Glam and Doll Waterproof Catrice

2. What about the colors and pigmentation of the Mascara volume Glam & Doll

In fact, the Glam and Doll range contains 4 different mascaras:


But you have to know that even if this is the same range, all the brushes are different for the 4 mascaras.
Actually, I ready some bad review about the lavender tube, explaining that it’s completely different from the waterproof one and not good at all.

However, concerning the waterproof mascara, it’s well pigmented. It provides dark black lashes.

3. Texture and application of the of the Glam & Doll mascara ?

First of all the application is pretty easy from the first day, No need to open your mascara and wait for few days or week to start using it.

Mascara Glam&Doll Waterproof Catrice Brush Brosse

Then you don’t have to take out any product’s excess of the brush (and loose some product at the same time), as it delivers the perfect mascara’s quantity.
I finished my last Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice and just open a new one, as you can see on the picture down below, the brush is not overloaded with mascara.

Mascara Glam and Doll Waterproof Catrice Brush Brosse

The texture is easy to work with. Indeed, it doesn’t dry too quickly and leave you some time to work it properly. Also, the fine silicon bristles allow you to work precisely and separate your lashes properly.

The waterproof version keeps nicely the lashes’ curves all day long and allows you to make your lashes looks longer for a glamorous look.

This mascara provides a bit of volume, but you have to keep in mind that it will provide you more length than volume.

Here are 2 pictures:

  • the first one without mascaraWithout Mascara Glam&Doll Waterproof Catrice Swatch
  • the second one with only one coat of mascara and without using a lash curler to show you all the power of this mascara.
    As you can see, the result is pretty nice, it separates properly the lashes, have a nice curve, provides length and a bit of volume

Try on Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice Swatch

4. Longevity

Glam And Doll Mascara waterproof by CatriceTo begin with, this mascara is amazing. It lasts all day and keeps the curves also all day long.
For my concern, I’ve been using this mascara for a long time now, and I never notice any clumbs (as I did with other mascaras).

Besides, with this mascara, you’ll never have to worry about having watery eyes because this is a real Waterproof mascara.
Indeed, I wear contact lenses and sometimes my eyes are dry and I need some drops in them, or sometimes I have to take them out because of dust in my eyes, and put them back in my eyes, and trust me or not, but I never have to worry and be careful with my mascara, because when it’s on, it doesn’t move anymore.
Actually, it’s a really life saver…

In addition, talking about the longevity of the mascara itself, it lasts pretty well few months without drying or getting clumpy. In fact, I have mine for months but will throw it only because I used all the product.

Concerning the makeup removal, don’t even think to use a regular makeup remover. You should better take a bi-phase one or an oily one otherwise, don’t expect to take it out completely.
(Have a look on the Makeup Remover Post that will explain to you the difference between the different type of makeup removers)



5. Conclusion

Finally, as you probably understand, I really like the Mascara volume Glam & Doll waterproof by Catrice. It’s my must-have in my makeup bag for a long time now.
The brush allows you to do a great and precise job, the texture is easy to work with. It’s a real waterproof mascara, so don’t worry about watery eyes and be sure that it will keep the curves all day long.

Let me know which is your favorite mascara that gives you nice definition and length? 
Which is your favorite waterproof one?
If you had to pick only one mascara for your makeup bag, which one would you choose?