Lip oil by Essence

Huiles pour lèvres de chez Essence - petit prix

Hello Beautiful people,

I’m all about moisturizing my lips. I appreciate feeling them comfortable and nourished.
Lately, the lip oils appear on the makeup market, and so I wanted to test them. Therefore I tried the lip oils by Essence made with jojoba and avocado oils and that are really cheap: 1,95€

Let’s talk about

  • Packaging
  • Application and texture
  • Scents
  • Color



The lip oil’s packaging is simple with an applicator that looks like a lip gloss. Nothing fancy, but still good looking as always with Essence.   
This product is really affordable and available in 3 shades: 01 I care for you, honey, 02 First help, pinky03 SOS, my heart.
I only have 2 shades and can only talk about the two that I own: 02 and 03. 

Application and texture

The lip oil applies smoothly and slides on the lips nicely when you apply it with the little applicator.

The texture doesn’t feel greasy even if it’s an oil, it’s really comfortable and not sticky at all. I’m really impressed with the non-sticky texture of this product.
I was already prepared to fight against my hair that would stick to my mouth at the first gust of wind. But what a surprise when finally.. nothing happened…



The smell is really nice and fruity. Each lip oil “shade” as its own scents.
The love/hate thing with the fruity/sugary smelly lip products, is the taste… Most of the time, they smell incredibly nice, but they also taste nice. As result that you spend your time to lick your lips and so they’re getting dry instead of moisturizing.

Can someone tell me, what’s the point for a lip product to taste great?

I like the fact that with this product, it’s not the case. The lip oil smells wonderful but doesn’t taste anything,  neither sugary or even oily. It’s a great point for me.


Concerning the colors, I’m a bit disappointed. The colors look really nice in the packaging, there is a coral one and a reddish one, but at the end, on the lips, they’re colorless. The lip oils just shine and look glossy on your lips but don’t bring any additional color to your lips.

CR_20160830_174234_huile a levre essence

In short

What a surprise that this product lasts so well on the lips. You feel that your lips are moisturized for a long time, even if you don’t have any product left on your lips.

In short, the quality price ratio is really great even if they’re colorless, but they’re really moisturizing, easy to use, not sticky and comfortable, for me it’s a must have to nourish your lips.

Did you already try the lip oils? Which brand did you try and did you like it?
Let me know in the comment section down below.