Face skincare : 4 steps routine for the day + Bonus

Routine visage : Tonic / Eau micellaire, Sérum, Contour des yeux, Crème hydratante, crème solaire

We will never say enough how skincare routine is important.
If you take care of your skin, you’re going to have a better looking skin, if you moisturize it properly your skin is going to look fresher, with less premature wrinkles (or at least later than if you didn’t do anything). Obviously we can not avoid it, but just delay their first appearance and also delay loose skin…
In one work : you’re going to look younger longer.

Clearly, skincare isn’t a miracle, there is also other things that impact our skins like genes, lifestyle, alcohol, diet and food, stress…

Today I’m going to let you know which skincare routine is working on me for day time. You also need to take into account that all the skin are different, with different skin typa and that they all react differently. Mine is normal to combination skin.


My daily routine includes several steps :

  1. Tonic / Micellar Water
  2. Serum
  3. Eye contour
  4. Face cream
  5. Bonus : Sun protection (when it’s sunny)


1. Tonic / Micellar water

For my daily routine, first of all I’m cleaning quickly my face with a tonic or a micellar water, to take out any sebum produced by the skin during the night. So you’ll be clean and fresh to apply your skincare and then makeup.

I like to use the tonic by Nivea or LCBio or the micellar water by Simple.


2. Serum

Then I apply my serum. For the moment I’m using the Caudalie Complexion Correction.
I use it to try to erase the dark spots that I have on my forehead and above my eyes. I try to stick as much as possible to this routine in order to see any evolution of this dark spot.
But even if it doesn’t work, at least this serum is nourishing my skin.


3. Eye contour

Then I use an eye-contour. It’s an essential for me and I really like to do it, because it feel so great to be moisturize this area.

I apply it first on the outer corner of my eye (because the wrinkles appear in the outer corner of the eyes) and slide a bit of product till the inner corner. I also like to apply it on the upper lid.

I also notice that it’s easier/smoother to apply some makeup/concealer when the eye is well moisturized. The concealer looks so much better and not patchy. Try it, I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

My favorite one is the Clinic All about eyes. It works really well and keep the eye moisturized all day long.


4. Face cream

Then I simply apply my face cream : the Chanel Gel cream Hydramax + Active.
It’s an amazing cream that worth the expensive price. I would say that I use it for around 8 years now, and I still a huge fan of it.
Find out more information on this post HERE.


5. Bonus: Sun protection

Don’t forget to protect your skin when the sun is out.
An article about protecting your skin from the sun is already available. Take a look at it.

The most important question is how to protect your skin and when to apply your screen protection?


CR_20160617_174204-Clarins-&First of all, you need to apply a day screen protection.

I’m using the Clarins UV Plus SPF50.
It’s really light on the skin, it’s not greasy or sticky and doesn’t oxidize your makeup (at least not on my skin).

When to apply it?
After your serum, but before your face cream.









As you can not re-apply sun-screen protection during the day, and as you have to keep being protected, don’t forget to take with you the Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de soin SPF30.

Generally a sunscreen protection last for 2 hours, so you can spray your face regularly in order to keep being protected.















Which is your skincare routine for the day ?
Do you have other advice or trick to share with us ? You can leave a comment down below.