SOS, my hair are not growing anymore…

Hello beautiful people,

Here is a sum-up of my “Hair Story” and how I finally fixed my hair issue.

When I was younger, I didn’t really like my hair, they were fluffy and I always tied them, because I didn’t know how to manage them until I discover the flat iron. It was a real revelation for me and it changed my life.
My hair looks now nice and straight since then.

I also have dandruff since I was a teenager, I always used drugstore anti-dandruff shampoo and it’s fine for me and my hair.

Lush shampoo

Few years ago, everybody talked about Lush and how wonderful they are (I agree with that).
I discovered the 
shampoo bars and obviously, I wanted to try the one named soak and floated.
What a great idea to not use plastic bottle and also be a bit more 
ingredients seem nicer and more natural than regular shampoo, without using any silicon or paraben. Silicons are well known to give you the impression that your hair are healthy (when it’s not the case), it sheathes and wrap your hair. And as your hair are sheathed, no matter which haircare products you’re going to use, they will not get into your hair to take care of them, they just slide along them. Without forgetting the fact that each time you use your silicon shampoo, you add another layer of sili
con and finally your hair weighed down.
I was already aware that taking out silicon from your shampoo can be rude for your hair at the beginning. Your hair is not used this type of shampoo and needs few weeks/months to get used to them.
I love this shampoo and I used it for years.

20160629_143748 (1)

20160710_185057 (1)

20160710_185239 (1)

But as time goes, I noticed that my hair stopped to grow. Each time I went to the hairdresser, my hair was shorter and shorter.

I also used bath oil at the same time, to help my hair be healthier. But it didn’t work either. I think that the soak and floated shampoo was too drying for my hair and so broke them. 

The Tangle Teezer brush

I discovered the Tangle Teezer brush at the same moment. I have to admit that I bought it only under youtube influence. I was really sceptical and didn’t think that it would work on me. What a surprise the first time I brushed my hair with it. Quick, efficient, and painless. 


20160629_144225 (1)
So as I already add bath oil and the Tangle Teezer to my routine and as it didn’t work, I sadly decided to try to use another shampoo. I went back to the drug-store and spend hours to finally find an anti-dandruff shampoo without silicon and paraben.
A bit later, I notice that my hair re-start to grow/stop to break, they look better and healthy. 

Les savons de Joya’s shampoo

But as I missed my bar shampoo I decided to find another brand, with maybe better ingredients but still without silicon. I found “les savons de Joya” and I love them. I bought the anti-dandruff shampoo.

20160629_143842 (1)

20160710_184723 (2)

I usually go 3 times a year to the hairdresser.
He was so surprised when I went back to see him after only 2 and a half month. My hair grows up so quickly this time, he also told me that my hair looks really great, shiny and healthy.

So if your hair stops to grow, find out what could be the reasons.
Change your products routine, one at a time and let see if it works…

Let me know if you also had this issue and how you fixed it.