The perfect nail polish… Ivory Tower by Rimmel

I’m looking for a long time (I mean years) for the perfect nail polish to have a quick and elegant manicure.

I have to admit that I’m really picky, I bought and tried so many of them before I finally find the perfect one for me.

Brit Manicure 433 Ivory Tower de Rimmel 

I’m talking about the Brit Manicure by Rimmel in the shade 433 Ivory Tower

Rimmel IvoryTower Brush tip

The sheer color is absolutely gorgeous, and 2 coats are enough to have a great result. The nail polish looks white in the bottle, but it makes the nails look clean and make the tips look whiter, I really appreciate. The polish still glossy without adding any top coat.

The wide brush makes the application easier and quicker as it’s the perfect width for my nail. It also dries pretty quickly.

This nail polish is really long lasting despite the dishes cleaning and the long shower that I take. No chipping until the 4th day. It’s really impressive.
I also have the impression that this polish makes my nails stronger.

I also bought the Brit Manicure named English Rose to compare the two nail polishes.
Honestly I thought that I would prefer the English Rose, but after trying them, my favorite is definitely the White Tower.

English Rose makes my tips look rosier and my nails don’t look as clean.

Swatch English rose nail polish by Rimmel

What’s your favorite nail polish brand and what’s your favorite color?