The different type of face sunscreen protection

Bioderma Hydrabio Moistursing AntiUV mist SPF30

Summer is already here and we all wonder how to protect our skin.

If you don’t already know, sunlight has benefits for your body like vitamin D but it also can damage your skin if you stay too much under the sun without any protection. So you have to be really careful with it. Usually, aging we can read that 15 minutes a day is a good average to have the benefits of sunlight without damaging too much your skin.
Otherwise, damages can be first of all cancer as we all know, but also dark spots, increasing aging which means loose skin, early wrinkles… And honestly, nobody wants it, at least, I don’t… So, I’m really careful.

Well, you have 3 options:

First option, the regular sunscreen protection:

It’s as easy as just add regularly some sunscreen on your face.
We all agreed that it’s a great option when you’re on vacation by the sea or the swimming pool, but not as great for everyday when you’re in town or working.
Sunscreen (even the one for faces) are always a bit greasy and sticky.
In this case, you can not even consider to wear any make-up otherwise, it will move and probably oxidize. And nobody wants this…

Second option, the day screen protection:

Nowadays, you can also find day screen protection to protect your face. This type of protection will not be enough for vacation by the sea or the pool, but for the city and short exposure, it’s wonderful.
I really like the fact that you can apply your sun protection in the morning before your make-up.

Clarins UV Plus, Day Screen multi-protection SPF50
I personally use the one by Clarins that has a SPF40. It’s not greasy and I can apply my make-up without being scared of the result later in the day.
However, the issue is that, you can not apply it again during the day. And we all know that, to be efficient, you need to re-apply screen protection regularly. But, you’re not going to remove all your make-up to add a layer of sunscreen protection and then apply again your make-up.
Nobody has the time to do that.







Third option, the moisturizing mist Hydrabio eau de soin :

Now we finally have THE solution thanks to Bioderma.

Moistursing AntiUV mist Hydrabio eau de soin SPF30 Bioderma Hydrabio eau de soin SPF30 Bioderma
Cap Bioderma Hydrabio eau de soin SPF30 I’m going to talk about the Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30.
(Around 12€)
This is an airless spray pump bottle free from gas, obviously it’s anti-UV so prevents skin ageing, but it’s also parabens-free, alcohol free, fragrance free, non-comedogenic and can be used on adult and kids.

What I like about it, is that you don’t need to remove your make-up to be protected all day long. Bioderma found the perfect solution for us.
This anti-UV protects your skin, you just have to check the bottle, spray it on your face (even if you’re wearing make-up) and just let it dry and DO NOT TOUCH IT afterward.

Currently, it’s really warm outside, and despite it, my make-up didn’t move.
I like that it’s really refreshing, feels hydrating, protects you from sun exposure, not greasy and not sticky.
As the spray is small (50ml), you can easily take it in your bag, and be able to add a new layer of anti-UV at any time.
Despite the fact that it’s small, if you spray it 4 times (middle of the face, the 2 sides and forehead) and if you’re doing it 4 times a day, the spray will last you a month.
Quite impressive for a small bottle.

In short, the Hydrabio eau de soin’s spray has a high concentration of technology that will change your life.