Review: Hand Cream – The Body Shop

Today, I want to talk about hand cream.

Most of the time, we forget to take care of our hand, but our hands deserve as much care as our face or body.

At some times, my hands are so dry and those creams are always lifesavers. You know when your hands are so dry that they look like crocodile skin, that they’re hurting so badly…

I tried so many hand creams, but I will definitely not change those 2 products from my hands routine.

I discovered few years ago the almond hand cream and nail cream and also the hemp hand protector by The Body Shop (11£ or 14,50€ for the 100ml tube).

First impressions

The packaging is not really attractive, it looks like “medical” tubes.

I also would like to warm you about the odor, they are quite strong and people that are sensitive to smell will not appreciate.

Almond hand and nail cream

CR_20160628_181153I use the almond cream and nail cream as my day cream.

The smell is strong, but I don’t mind. It’s smell fresh almond that I really appreciate.

The cream is quite fine, gets into your skin quickly. I really appreciate this cream because it’s absolutely not sticky or greasy. It feels light, comfortable and moisturizing.

It’s the only cream that I can use it at work or during the day, because I don’t have to wait to touch things and do anything as the skin absorbs all the product in no time.

My hands feel really comfortable all day long (even after washing my hands)









Hemp hand protectorCR_20160628_181109

I use this cream only before to sleep as my night hand cream.

As I said, the smell is quite strong and not the most pleasant one. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s kind of a herbal scents. But honestly, now I’m used to it and I don’t mind because this cream is so good.

This cream is quite thick and don’t get quickly into the skin.
I like to apply a generous amount of cream, as it’s thick you have the time to massage your hand and cuticles.
And when you wake-up your hands feel so soft and nice.

So far, it’s the best one I ever try (and I tried a lot of hand cream). It’s the most moisturizing and nourishing hand cream ever. 







CR_20160803_160940As you can see the textures are really different for the two creams

Right : Almond hand cream and nail cream
Left : Hemp hand protector





In short

Those two creams are the best combo ever for dry skin. 
I already finish many tubes of these creams that are amazing.

What’s your favorite hand cream ?
Do you have one for the day and one for the night or you’re using the same for both day and night ?