Dafni hair brush, does it really worth it or not ?



Dafni brush straightener box

Straightener brush Dafni

We all hear so many great things about the Dafni straightening ceramic brush. To be honest, it took me a bit of time, to decide if it worth the price or not, this brush is so expensive 199€ on Sephora‘s online store (you should better wait for a coupon to buy it).
I had a look on many reviews, i watched a lot of videos (I really mean a lot) and most of the comments said that this brush is wonderful.
So I finally bought it, received it, and tried it as soon as I received it.

I was so impatiente to receive that as soon as the delivery man left, I jumped in the shower.



As mentioned on the instructions, I dried my hair (don’t forget to use a hair protector) and brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer to remove all the tangles that I had.

As you can see, my hair are quite fluffy








Work half done

20160603_121512 (1)

finished work











So after testing it, I can finally give you my point of view :

The brush is straightening your hair as mentioned, but don’t expect the same result as a flat iron, neither as a brushing that you can have in a hair salon. The hair don’t look smooth and soft at all.

You can not brush your hair like with a regular brush, you have to grab you hair, try to go till the tips of your hair (without burning your fingers) and you have to go through them many times. I don’t think that it’s really good for them. When I’m using my flat iron, I go through each section once or twice, no more, with this brush you have to do it again and again.

When I look in the mirror, the result is not what I expected at all. My hair don’t look healthy as they used to be. The hair tips don’t look great, it looks fluffy and damage. My hair have no structure, I couldn’t tame my hair, don’t even imagine the result with my bang, I couldn’t do anything with it. You can not even reach the small hair that we all have around our forehead.

First impression

20160603_121920 (1)When I did it, I feel my hair so so hot and my scalp hurts a bit. I’m used to be gentle with my hair and scalp (I’m using the Tangle Teezer and I’m paying attention to the product I’m using on my hair). I thought that I wasn’t used anymore to “regular” brushes. What a surprised when I had a look in my sink. I had many hair in it. It never happened to me. Dafni pulled out my hair and broke so many of them. What a disappointment…
I understand better why my scalp hurts.

I didn’t read anything mentioning how the hair react during the day and if they still “straight” or not at the end of the day. So despite the disappointment and the fact that my hair don’t look great, I decided the keep going the all day with these hair.

Result after 7 hours

20160603_185108 (1)Here is the result after 7 hours.
I didn’t get outside this day (so no wind, no humidity).
And again, this is such a disaster. My hair are getting thicker and fluffier during the day.

This brush doesn’t worth the 199€ and more over, it will probably damage your hair and break some of them.
Don’t waste your money on this brush, you’d rather buy a good flat iron.

For my part, I’m going to send back this brush…





20160603_193858 (1)

So I finally get back to my regular flat iron that never disappoint me and don’t hurt my scalp…

I just have to wait now that my broken hair (on the top of my head) grow…