How to do eyebrows with powder (Catrice)

The eyebrow kit by Catrice

The eyebrow makeup is an important set, as it helps to give more structure to your face.
Why should you use eyebrow makeup? Simply because your eyebrows are too light, maybe you have a gap in your eyebrows, or you want to correct their shape or make them more graphic. There are so many reasons to draw your brows as there are many ways to do it.

How to fill in eyebrows? Which technic? Eyebrow gel, eyebrow pen, pomade, or eyebrow powder, each on as to find the best technic depending on the result that you expect. 
For a natural result, you should better use eyebrow powder

The eyebrow set by Catrice:

I’m using this eyebrow powder set by Catrice for years now and I bought it many times.
I always buy it in Kruidvat stores in Belgium, it’s easy to find for people living in Belgium or Germany, but unfortunately a bit more difficult to find in other countries, but here is a link for the one that are interested.
This set is not expensive at all (less than 4,00€) for the best powder I ever try.

Catrice eyebrow set packaging

The set is made up of two colors: a light brown and a darker brown.
This set can be used by girls with blonde hair till brunette.

Tools from the eyebrow kit by Catrice

Catrice eyebrow kit swatches:

As we can see the swatches, there is absolutely no red undertone.
For once the real Brunette that doesn’t have red undertone will be happy because as we all know it’s really difficult to find real brown.

Swatch of the 2 colors from the eyebrow set by Catrice

How to do your brows?

Personally, I use the two eyebrow powder colors.
As you can see on the pictures down below, the head of my brow is pretty dense, well furnished and dark when the tail is less furnished with less hair.
If I only use one color, the head of the brow always looks darker than the tail. So in order to have an even color at the end, I need to use 2 colors.
You have to adapt the method depending on your eyebrow color and shape

  1. Brush your brow
  2. Apply the darker shadow from the middle of the brow till the tail with a really fine angled brush
  3. Then use a larger brush to apply the lightest shade from the head of the brow, then blend it in with the darker shade in the middle of my brow to have a smooth and nice transition between the 2 shades.
  4. Brush again your brow to take out any excess
  5. Use a gel to fix the powder and keep the shape of your brow
    The powder doesn’t move at all and last all day long.

Step to draw eyebrows with brow powder

Result by drawing eyebrows with a powder: pretty natural

The final result looks pretty natural which is not the case with most of the cream and pencil.
Let me know what you think about the result and how you do your brows.